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Oh my boy…

And Aaron’s  super power is….



Turned out the soles of his feet were green too. And it was food colouring ,  which takes a lot of scrubbing !


Snow at last!



advent lament

only now discovered this artist, this art work, so a bit late for advent. but i love a good lament, and want to remember this one:

Art making

This is the boys’ art wall from the holidays. I love it!



We tried an experiment with painter’s tape and salt:


And isaiah made this with the help of papa as a present for mommy and daddy  :


When I put a book on hold at the library…

I must remember  not to judge a book by its  cover or its blurb…


But instead ,  judge it by its size…


Read more…

A ‘what was I thinking’ parenting moment….


I was in the same room as Aaron, but ignored him for two minutes while I finished something at the counter…..won’t be ignoring him with paint at his disposal again!

the last day of august

august 31, 2014 found us at the shelter valley folk festival. we’d never heard of it before, despite it being fairly close to where i grew up. but we saw a poster, decided to go just for sunday for an end of summer adventure. it was one of those times when, as parents, Stephen and I were able to declare as we got in the car at the end ‘we did a Good Thing.’ but man these Good Things we do for our kids (like zoo trips etc) are exhausting!!!!!

hot and tired, so not too enthusiastic about the music....

hot and tired, so not too enthusiastic about the music….

waiting for the music

waiting for the music

the cool thing was that, on the sunday morning, one of our favourite singer/song writers was taking part in a ‘workshop.’ his name is Danny Michel, a canadian from kitchener-waterloo. isaiah has also loved him since he was about 3, and danny even said hi to him! (though isaiah wouldn’t shake his hand, so i don’t think danny knew what to do with him:)) and because one of the things isaiah wants to be when he grows up is a musician, it was cool for him to see danny setting up his guitar, tuning, sound checking, and performing in real life.

wpid-img_20140831_174336.jpg wpid-img_20140831_174250.jpg

if you’ve never heard of danny michel, isaiah’s favourites are tennessee tobacco and wish willy. but there are so many good songs i’d suggest you just start with this page of videos from his website.

the other delight of the festival was discovering some new musicians. our favourite was a really amazing….ukelele player! not what i was expecting, but i love him. check out james hill, and his cellist wife, anne janelle:



Nerve: 12 Ways to Be Afraid (and Keep Your Cool)

Therese J. Borchard


Taylor Clark has written a very compelling and insightful book about anxiety, our amygdala (fear center in the brain), and, in general, what makes us freak out in his new book, “Nerve: Poise Under Pressure, Serenity Under Stress, and the Brave New Science of Fear and Cool.” It was hard to choose which stuff to excerpt, but ultimately I think his “12 Ways to Be Afraid” at the end was the most helpful … what to do with all the research we just learned.

“I’ve built up a short list of the most effective, proven methods that psychology and neuroscience have to offer,” writes Clark. “Fear is a fact of life. All we can do is learn how to be afraid in the right way. So herewith, a dozen quick tips to get us started.”

I’ve excerpted from and consolidated his 12 steps below.

1. Breathe.

By consciously controlling our…

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The twelfth day of august, the humidity brought to us splashing in the backyard




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