A Therapist in the Mother Zone

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6 quick takes

1. my brain sucks. i used to be a good memorizer, but now i can barely make it through the first donne sonnet. see watch:

thou hast made me, and shall thy work decay?/repair me know, for now mine end doth haste./i run to death, and death meets me as fast/and all my pleasures are like yesterday (is that right?)/…i dare not lift mine eyes?…gah! i can’t do it. i had almost 8 lines a couple of days ago.


2. march began–yay!–but it came in like a roaring lion: while carrying aaron to the car so we could take isaiah to school, i slipped on some ice and had a horrible fall. aaron landed on his face on the ground (minimal injuries though, and seemed to get over it in minutes). i, on the other hand,  landed with all my weight on my left knee. the pain was phenomenal, i felt sick, and the wind was knocked out of me. i yelled and isaiah was scared and started crying. thank god my nosey neighbour saw or heard me, because she came out and was really helpful. it doesn’t seem like i did any major damage, but i am going to get it checked out by a doctor tomorrow, to make sure it’s okay and to see if i should do anything to help it heal well.

3. isaiah is seeming so much older i hardly know him! one of the cool developmental things is a sudden awareness he seems to have of me as a person. one day this week, out of nowhere, he suddenly said ‘how are you feeling mommy?’ and when i went to pick him up after school on friday (i still took him once i’d calmed down from the fall), as soon as i arrived he asked ‘are you feeling better mommy?’

4. aaron is 8 months tomorrow (march 3). he’s a proper sitting baby now. it’s very handy sometimes that i can put him down sitting, because he can’t really figure out how to move from that position yet:) when i put him on his tummy, not only he is a very efficient roller, he now propels himself forward with is arms and knees (not crawling, still on his tummy). he can cover miles! and it’s giving us the first taste of how it’s going to be when he crawling and walking, because he’s starting to get into isaiah’s stuff.

5. we had our first trip to the ROM (royal ontario museum) this week, with kyra and the boys. isaiah loved it!  nat was a great tour guide, and isaiah loved running after nat to see all the dinosaurs and stuffed (taxidermically speaking) animals. poor kyra just had to keep running after thomas:(

6. with every parent in cold climates i pray: spring, come quickly, and liberate us from winter gear!




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